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I’ve made an End of January resolution. I’m still working on my New Year’s resolution from last year which Le Pomme made for me, to put the kitchen chairs back under the table when I stand up, so I thought it would be a little premature to try again this January.

Unfortunately, this means I am going to inflict myself upon you a lot.  For my resolution is to blog every day in February. I’ve missed putting fingertips to keyboard, words to virtual paper.

I’ve no one to blame but myself and the chaos of life nowadays for letting the blog slide, so apologies to you all for having been so silent.

Apparently, a new habit takes (depending on who you listen to) anywhere from six times to six weeks to develop. So I shall see how I get on in the dismal month of February, a time of sleet, sogginess and general malaise.

If, as I hope, tonight’s Nigel Slater recipe is a success, I will tee off with that on the morrow. Otherwise, I will subject you all to my ramblings upon a random topic. Business as usual, then!

A demain, mes amis. Brace yourselves.