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Stage one in cake decorating is: KNOW THINE OWN LIMITATIONS.

Unbelievably, the Petite Pommes will be turning 3 in two weeks. Where did that time go? It’s lost in a haze of sleepless nights, probably.

Last year I made their own cakes. It was easy (well, in comparison to …ooh, getting them to sleep through the night). I basically covered cakes in buttercream and stuck Thomas and Percy on top. Even that went a bit wrong when it turned out the engines I’d ordered off eBay actually went, and kept on going, even when stuck in hair…

This year, I’m determined to do them again, only better, and possibly without moving parts. Of course, it would help if they made up their minds what they wanted. Petite No 1 wants Mickey Mouse. Except, she doesn’t mean Mickey Mouse, she means Minnie Mouse. Or Minions, she’d quite like a Minion cake, preferably one which shouts ‘Banana’. Right…. All the Pinterest inspiration in the world won’t help with that one. I’m terrified that I’ll scar her for life if I cop out and present her with a yellow blob on a tray with a bow on it which, frankly, is what it might come to.


Well, you’ve got to have something to aspire to, haven’t you?

Petite No 2 wants Frozen. No, Cinderella. No, Frozen. Actually, OLAF!! I thought this would be the easy one – stick a Barbie in a cake – ignoring the fact we have no Barbies in the house as I think they are revolting. Make a skirt out of icing, job done. Yet it’s not that simple. Apparently, the cake must feature Frozen and Frozen candles and Frozen AND CINDERELLA, Mumma.

Must have missed that crossover Disney show.


Yep. I’ll totally nail this.

So I’m browsing Pinterest and raiding my mother’s icing tools and getting ready for a couple of sleepless nights. Intensive study of Cake Wrecks has shown me what NOT to do.

Following my recent viewing of Bake Off: Crème de la Crème I’m slightly concerned about the planned lack of height in the Frozen / Cinderella cake.  I thought I could get round this quite simply, but then I realised that I’m not a contestant on Bake Off. So off I toddled to Pinterest and found a funky ice cream cone based method of making a tower.

Only time will tell if my nerves – or the icing – holds.