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Apologies for my absence. We have had a rather interesting time of incredibly creative lurginess. Now, however, we are restored to (mostly) good health and it’s time to crack on with matters new.

I have two new obsessions to report. Firstly, my love affair with Dale Pinnock’s recipes continues. I have now invested in The Medicinal Chef and have immersed myself in it. We’ve had several recipes out of it – including a simply amazing chicken curry last night – and tonight we have a salmon recipe to try. I will endeavor to remind myself to take a photo before wolfing it down. Inspired by delicious suppers I am trying to eat slightly more healthily the rest of the time (we’ll gloss over last Thursday’s Two Doughnut Moment).

My other obsession is rather less calorific. Le Pomme announced he’d found a new series to watch on the tellybox last night. So we settled down to watch the BBC adaptation of Le Carre’s The Night Manager. I say settled down, but I was actually curled up with the cat and a library book. Five minutes in I was hooked.

There’s a wicked Hugh Laurie, a gimlet eyed, repressed and terribly English ex army chappie who is really rather toothsome, a few beauteous babes wandering sinuously around and an excellent Olivia Colman character bundled up in more jumpers than a sheep can possibly produce in a lifetime. There’s even Tom Hollander as a camp henchman. What’s not to like? Throw in the Arab Spring and a hotel in the Alps and suddenly, it makes for compelling Sunday evening viewing.

I do hope that Tom Hiddleston, he who plays the title role, enters the race to be the next James Bond. He could even entice me back to believing in 007. He’s all decent and British and positively simmering with a desire for revenge. If the Bond audition hangs on him owning the ability to wear a suit with panache, whatever the weather, and whatever revolution is going on outside, Tom’s got it nailed.

Excuse me whilst I get a bit hot under the collar. Where did I put Dale’s recipe which helps to lower blood pressure?