About me

ApplePiewithWensleydale: juggling life and all it can throw at you!

A few of my favourite things:

Experimenting in the kitchen: just because I can. I love playing around with new combinations, tweaking and altering recipes. I love cooking and find it incredibly relaxing. Most of the time.

Europe: I love the fact we’re so close to so many different cultures and experiences.  Many holidays have featured roadtrips to France and Italy, and my desire to learn French again makes regular appearances on the To Do list.

Tea: you can’t beat a good cuppa. That’s the Yorkshire side of me coming out. It’s the first cup of the day which I treasure most.  Preferably consumed in bed, from my particular ‘first thing in the morning’ mug.  Nothing else tastes the same.

Saskia:  The world’s most contrary cat, otherwise known as The Boodle or Boo. Originally called Bernard when I visited the rescue centre and she chose me to come home with – who calls a gorgeous tortoiseshell cat Bernard?! The handsome Australian vet said at her first check-up “Haven’t you got a pretty bottom?” I said “thank you”, and blushed. He said “I was talking about your cat”.  She likes curry, pesto and shedding fur or shredding carpets.  She dislikes men (apart from Le Pomme), loud noises, not getting immediate attention.

Friends and family:  I’m very lucky to have such an awesome set of friends, and my lovely family.  We may not all be geographically close but there’s a lot of love and affection floating around the world for each other.  And Le Pomme – what can I say? He’s wonderful.  And makes a great cup of tea.  (Most importantly, Saskia adores him. That told me all I needed to know).  We’ve been married for a while now and have twin toddler daughters known as the Petite Pommes.


3 thoughts on “About me”

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  2. I’m awarding you The Liebster Award. I really enjoy reading your blog, thank you (and apologies if you do have over 200 followers already?).

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