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We’re seven days into 2013, traditionally a time after all the Christmas excesses for the New Year’s resolutions to be holding strong.  And for new starts to be made.

I’m doing pretty darned well with mine. Given that my three were:

a)      Finish the Giant Boxing Day jigsaw and my Chocolate Orange(s) before I went back to work (DONE, an onerous task, but a Chocolate Orange is fruit, right?)

b)      Swim more rather than pretending a subscription to the pool is exercise in itself (been three times! Lapped Man in Dodgy Shorts which gave me much satisfaction)

c)       Put the chairs back under the kitchen table when I get up, not maroon them like castaway boats around the kitchen for others to walk into (working on it)

I think the key is to be realistic when one is setting expectations of oneself.  And to get your husband to choose one.  Bet you can’t guess which one Le Pomme requested.

How are you doing with yours?  

I’ve cheated, you see. I have made a promise to myself this year, rather than a resolution. So, I give you:

d)      Blog more. I miss it when I don’t do it, and part of me gets uber grumpy, not least because it’s 30 minutes of a day to download my thoughts into cyberspace and give Le Pomme and the Boo a break from hearing me witter on.

So, to wrap up last year nicely, I ended on a gammon-y sea of love for blogging and an overdose of trifle.  But don’t think I’ve forgotten, my virtual friends.

I know there was a little competition running, and thanks to those who entered. The winner of the Tart It Up cookbook is the lovely Sinead from the divine www.feelingfood.co.uk Congratulations Sinead and get in touch so I can send the book through to you.

I’ll end this post by wishing you love, peace and happiness in 2013. And a dose good luck with those resolutions!