Tonight, chez ApplePie, it’s been Nigella dominated. We’ve had ham in coca cola with potato gratin.

It was wonderful. I am so modest, honestly, I can barely admit to having cooked it. I will be Nigella in more ways than one – I am planning on sneaking down for a midnight nibble in my dressing gown if hunger strikes…

And it was much deserved. All day I have slaved my fingers, if not quite to the bone, then to the quick – the house is clean, decorated, I have a clean bed to climb into later and I can hold my head up high if my mother runs her fingers along my skirting boards on the morrow.

But now we have Carols from Kings on, the candles lit, and the lights on the Christmas tree are amazingly all working.  And Le Pomme and I have yet to have our usual ridiculous seasonal disagreement – although the kitchen wars are back, this time with the garlic press – but so far, harmony and goodwill prevails.

Whether that continues when he opens his presents tomorrow remains to be seen. I’m more excited about him opening his than I am about opening mine (well, almost).

Happy Christmas, peace and love to all.

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