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Today is Yorkshire Day. The largest county in England, and proud of it. Not that I’m about to start a Yorkshire Republican Movement any time soon. But I love being a Yorkshirewoman. 

So as part of the reflecting on my county’s heritage and culture, and celebration of my Yorkshireness, here are some random facts about Yorkshire to entertain you.

  • Yorkshire is God’s own county. This is a true fact, I believe it’s in the Bible somewhere.
  • Did you know Yorkshire Puddings taste fabulous as an actual pudding? Try them with golden syrup for the ultimate in dessert delight. Don’t mix the syrup with the gravy, use a clean plate, even if you’re trying to save on washing up.
  • Yorkshire holds the slightly dodgy honour of hosting the last witch burning in England. Old Wife Green was burnt in the Market of Pocklington town as a witch, in 1630.
  • We’ve bred more talented authors and artists than you can shake a stick at.  For literature, the Bronte family, James Herriot, Alan Bennett, Arthur Ransome, J. B. Priestly, Dame Barbara Cartland and Barbara Taylor Bradford.  Rumours that all female Yorkshire novelists are called Barbara are yet to be proven.  For poetry, WH Auden and Ted Hughes.  For art, start with David Hockney or Henry Moore.
  • We’ve contributed to our national history, with a slew of famous and important bods born here – from Captain Cook to Guy Fawkes, William Wilberforce to Betty Boothroyd.
  • We’re not too shabby at sport either. From Geoffrey Boycott to Dickie Bird, Beryl Burton to Jessica Ennis, to our first medal in the 2012 Games being won by Lizzie Armitstead, we’re a county of great athletic ability. Some of us more than others, it has to be said.
  • And one of my favourite statistics of all time. Sheffield has the highest ratio of trees to people in Europe. Whoever thought that one up clearly has a very Yorkshire sense of humour.
  • Finally, one important fact to remember. You can take the girl out of Yorkshire, but you’ll never take Yorkshire out of the girl.  I’ll always be proud of my home county, no matter where I travel or live.  It’s a smashing place, tha’ ken.