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Easter has come early.

Cadburys Crème Eggs are in the shops. Why?! I’m all for a good dose of fondanty chocolatey e-numbers, but this is just plain wrong.  I can’t bring myself to buy one (this is probably a Good Thing) as it’s just too early.  We only finished the Christmas Cake yesterday.

Perhaps I should move my calendar. So that Christmas happens in January, Easter happens at the beginning of February and then tumbleweeds fill the rest of the year.  Oh, until Harvest Festival, at which point bounteous goodness tumbles around and it’s time to dig out my butternut squash recipes again.

The weather has turned things upside down.  Daffodils were in the shops just before Christmas, the grass has started growing again and purple sprouting broccoli has arrived early this year. I’m sure it won’t be the only vegetable which is confused by the lack of winter.  And equally sure that we’re in for a summer of being nibbled and munched as a result of no cold snaps.  I have always been irresistible to wee beasties, so this worries me.  

Has seasonality as we know it gone completely out of the proverbial window?  I know that in these days of instant gratification we can lay our hands on food all year round, so long as one doesn’t study the food miles too closely, nor in some cases worry too much about taste.  Does this mean that soon we will have no seasonality at all – with Crème Eggs and Christmas Crackers available 365 days a year?

It’ll be a sadder world for it.  And a much chubbier one, in my case!