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My heart goes out to all those affected by the decision to cancel the remaining two days of the Great Yorkshire Show.

It won’t have been an easy decision to make, and is a brave move on behalf of the organisers. As well as an administrative nightmare, I presume.  The weather is not helping anyone right now, but that is cold comfort for those affected by this.

I hope that next year it can come back bigger and better than ever, undefeated by the weather and supported by many, many visitors.

The exhibitors, however, will be struggling with expenses, vast amounts of stock, and the loss of perhaps vital exposure to a vast customer base.  This will be a huge blow to those independent artisan producers for whom the Great Yorkshire Show provides an annual boost to the coffers, which in many cases they will have been relying on.  It’s hard enough to run your own business at the best of times, and with the economic situation as it is, many were finding it hard before this blow.

So what can we do to help? It’s not as if there’s going to be a ‘Save the Great Yorkshire Show Exhibitors Fund’, although I hope insurance will help to repay stall costs eventually.

But there’s one simple step we can take. Spend our money locally.

Support your local producers who may be affected by this: buy local, shop local, act local.  If we pull together, in true Yorkshire spirit, we can help strengthen and sustain our community.

And buy tickets for next year’s show. Don’t take it out on the organisers, they have done what is right for the safety of their visitors.  Go next year, and carry not a grudge for those who had to make a tough and painful judgment.  They need your support too.

Find out more at www.greatyorkshireshow.co.uk