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We’ve finally joined the kale revolution.

And it’s all the fault of a newspaper.

I was intending to blog about spiralising this week. The essence of the post was ‘just eat pasta, for the love of all things carbs’, just in case you are concerned you might miss my thoughts on the matter.

But then, last Saturday’s Telegraph came with a lovely looking little booklet containing scrumptious and easy sounding recipes from Dale Pinnock. Apparently, he is ‘The Medicinal Chef’. Never one to shirk from a challenge, we’ve now had three dishes from it. I’ve even had to phone my parents to ask them if they can save the second part from the recycling for me. As a creature of habit, I only ever buy the Saturday Telegraph, mainly for the general knowledge crossword. Apparently, whilst it stretches my brain, it fails to install a dose of common sense whereby I actually check whether I need to buy Sunday’s paper too.  

Anyways. So far I’ve had the calming green soup – well, I was calm until I looked in the pan and realised it was an interesting shade of virulent green – and the baked aubergine with tahini sauce is on the menu for this week. Last night we tried the cover dish, a speedy beef stirfry.

Not too shabby, eh?

I’ll definitely be making this again. I’d take issue with Dale’s claim that Chinese chilli bean sauce is available in almost every supermarket – I tried three locally with no joy – so I just chucked in some frozen chopped chillis and added some extra soy sauce.

I’m not sure I’d count it as ‘rich’ unless I made it with filet steak. But it sure is delicious. Even accounting for the kale.