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Every so often an evening comes along which is so utterly lovely you enjoy every second of it.

Such was Saturday night. We went (without the Petities!) and stayed over with my oldest friend – and it was wonderful. She’d made a superb dish about which no Blackadder jokes could be made, for all that it included turnip, from this lovely book:


We drank Prosecco, put the world to rights, and generally had a marvellous time whilst being cosseted and splendidly hosted.

I could type the whole thing out, but frankly, I’m still a little jaded around the edges, so here is the original recipe. She used pork loin and wow! It was scrumptious.


And to follow I’d taken hot chocolate pudding with strawberries and ice cream. It’s a terribly complicated recipe but worth the effort:

Go to M&S.

Dither in front of the Dessert cabinet.

Buy the most delicious looking one you can see.

Serve with lashing of white wine and a sense of humour when it simply flops onto the plate.