I am suffering from DIY-itis.

All weekend long we have wallpapered, painted, sanded and painted some more. Every time I move a bit of wallpaper paste flakes off, in spite of numerous showers and good scrubbing. We now have a beautiful toile de jouy bedroom, and two freshly painted and lovely looking bathrooms. I am contemplating adding the lovely chaps at The Decorating Centre to my Christmas card list.

Le Pomme is not a natural DIYer. Yet he has flung himself into this part of the house renovation with gusto. I was still asleep yesterday morning when he bounced in with a cup of tea and announced he’d sanded down yet more of the rather yellow paintwork in readiness for lovely white gloss to go on. I rubbed some wallpaper paste off opening a bleary eye and gazed in amazement at him. Be careful what you wish for, ladies.  

We have chosen a rather deep purple for our bathroom. I fear it is rather ‘student house circa 1990’ and even though my rather interior design savvy friend has declared it stunning, I am worried that we have gone too far down the paint chart in an effort to make this house our own. It’s a definite improvement on the shade of poo which it previously was. Yet I am concerned that when in the bath I will feel as if I have been eaten by a Ribena berry.

Time will tell whether I love it or loathe it.