Allez allez allez!

You may have heard about a small local sporting event taking place in Yorkshire this weekend.

I was one of a small army of volunteers who donned a delightful polyester-filled uniform to help spectators enjoy the whole Tour experience. And it was, by and large, a great experience. I’m so pleased I was involved as a Tourmaker, and proud to have been part of the Grand Depart. Plus, despite not having been on a bike since a scenic pedal around the walls of Lucca a few years ago, it has sparked the teenage girl in me who owned a Marin mountain bike and once cycled headlong into a ditch on the Otley Chevin. I’ll never be a true cyclist, but I’ve a secret hankering for a sit up and beg bike with a basket on the front, in which I will carry a small dog and an armload of flowers.

The sheer impression of a wall of muscle cycling past me is not one I will easily forget. I was gutted for Mark Cavendish, what an end to a grueling day for him. But I’m proud of everyone who got behind Let Tour, Yorkshire looked fantastic on the old gogglebox, and the atmosphere was incredible. 

How was Le Tour for you?