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We have been en vacances. For a week we have bobbed about the glories of East Sussex, gaily ignoring the claims of the new house upon our time, muscles and cleaning powers.

It wasn’t meant to be this way. We were supposed to have been in residence at Dibley Mews for three weeks, during which time we would have decorated two rooms and done most of the unpacking.

Fate had other ideas for us.

So we moved on Tuesday and went on holiday on the Saturday. Rarely have I been so ill equipped to go visiting. I had a dearth of clothing, books, and even my supermarket order was ill thought through – for when the nice man from sainsbugs knocked on our cottage door, we discovered I’d forgotten life’s essentials of wine, loo roll and tea bags. We had to make do with three half bottles of Prosecco and an abundance of kitchen roll.

Times are hard in the Pomme household when I can’t rustle up so much as a meal for a passing army, I tell you.

We survived. The Petites had a lovely time eating grass and playing in washing up bowls. The grown ups had supper every night on the patio, and breakfast there too for good measure. We were blessed with amazing weather so traipsed off to Battle, Bodium Castle and Batemans (Rudyard Kiplings house, which was lovely but made for midgets), and topped it off with a visit to Brighton.

Fun was had by all.

Back to earth with a bump and a clatter of a box marked ‘FRAGILE’.