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Friendship. It’s a funny word to describe some of the most important relationships in our lives when you think about it.

I have a friend who has known me just as long as I’ve known myself – family lore has it that we met in the maternity ward as our mothers were in beds next to each other. We’ve been friends through thick and thin, surviving and thriving throughout all sorts of situations. Over the years we have been aliens in Grassington, performed embarrassing dance routines at birthday parties, made ice cream sundaes out of washing powder and drunk inordinate amounts of tea. And wine. We even lived together for three years and managed to still speak to each other afterwards. There’s nothing I wouldn’t tell her and I’d trust her with my life. She’s married a fantastic chap who is truly worthy of her, and they make a lovely couple.

She’s the sort of person who buys me cards like this to make me laugh:

She’s also the one who has given me a beautiful goddaughter. When I went to see her daughter on her second day in the world, I held her and my heart melted. I’m very honoured to have been asked to be her godmother, and tomorrow I will stand in church and say my vows.

Whatever path my new goddaughter takes in life and wherever she ends up, I hope that she is blessed with friendships of the kind I have with her mother – because they truly do enrich life.