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I am slowly starting to see how vestiges of my former child free life may integrate into my new, twin focused one.

One of the big things is going out. Just being able to leave the house without taking enough gubbins to make it feel like I’m undertaking a Himalayan expedition whenever I need to get a pint of milk. Having said this, I go out practically every day with the Petite Pommes. It keeps me sane, and stops me from doing too much online shopping. Le Pomme is nearly at the point of turning off the Broadband, between you and me. Retail profits would plummet if he did so, so in an Osbournesque rationale, I figure that I’m helping to rejuvenate the economy.


Tonight, my friends, I am going out CHILD FREE. For the first time since the Petite Pommes arrived. This in no way relates to the fact that I have been lured there by baked goods. Honest.

You might think I’d be going clubbing, throwing a few shapes on the dance floor, or drinking cocktails in some new bar. Ooh no. I’m heading to a drafty village hall. And I’m very excited about this because I am going to see one of my favourite foodie friends in action.

One of the little known facts about me (which surprises no one when they find out) is that I’m on the committee of our local WI. It’s one of the new, fun, wine drinking ones and I joined when it started up. I love it – it’s a night a month just for me. Part of being on the committee involves finding fascinating and interesting speakers, so for this month I suggested the fabulous Yummy Yank.

In the dim and distant days before the Petite Pommes were a glint in my eye, I met the Yummy Yank and several other foodie friends through Twitter, which justifies me being on there, frankly. Lisa is wonderful, not only as a friend but also as an inspiration to small business owners and bakers everywhere. You can find out all about the Yummy Yank on her lovely new website, and I’d urge you to get yourselves along to one of her markets for a real treat.

I would type more but frankly the drool on the keyboard is annoying me. Plus, I need to kit up and head out for the day.

There’s mountains to be climbed.