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You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet of late. I promise, I’ve not deserted the blog nor forgotten about it, nor that I am stopping writing or anything… but I’ve been a smidgen busy with a little project. Well, two little projects: never ones to do anything by halves, we’re the proud parents of 3 week old twin girls! 

Given my foodie leanings, they have been called Bubble and Squeak since we found out there were not only one, but two, small humans due to arrive.  I will continue to do this, so don’t think I’ve suddenly taken to eating it in vast quantities or anything.  To answer the main questions, no it wasn’t IVF, no we didn’t ‘plan’ twins (if I hadn’t been lying down at the time, I’d have fallen off the scanning couch. And Le Pomme mainly looked like this :-O and sheet white), and no they are not identical.  

I hereby declare that I am not intending in any way, shape or form to become a ‘Mummy Blogger’. I’m not going to start posting photos of them or stating my views on the latest childrearing ideas.  Not that because there’s anything wrong with that, but because I will need this blog to remind myself of me – that I’m more than a mum to twins, lovely as they are. I won’t focus on fashionable babygro’s or baby products, and I’ll try not to talk about them too much. But I suspect my time to whip up the latest sourdough or Pavlova recipe may be somewhat limited for a while!

I hope you will bear with me as I adjust to having two small but gorgeous beings around. Rest assured, my rantings and ravings on subjects as diverse as possible will still be going round in my head, it’s just that I won’t have a hand free to reach the keyboard.  And I can’t remember what I was ranting about anyway. For baby brain has well and truly set in.

Some might say I’ve had it for years anyway!