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Recently I’ve been pondering what I’d do if I won the Lottery.

But the funny thing is, I wouldn’t want to win big. I love my life just as it is. I’d like to win enough to be able to have financial security for my family, the odd nice holiday, and to be able to buy people nice presents, eat good food and drink good wine. I wouldn’t want the responsibility of winning squillions. To my eternal shame, and despite several years of coaching, I Don’t Do Maths. My brain just isn’t wired that way. So too many noughts would come to naught.

And what would you do with all the publicity? The mind boggles.  I’d hate to end up being vilified in the papers because I hadn’t given it all away to charity or something. But then if you don’t do publicity there’s almost as big a risk as doing it. What would you do if you won a relatively small amount, as opposed to a big amount – would you tell people? I like to think I wouldn’t. But then I’d be kidding myself if my family and friends didn’t realize something was up when I finally got new living room curtains!

It’s a head scratcher alright. But unlikely to ever be a situation I find myself in. However, if I did win, there would be several small luxuries I’d allow myself. Like only buying organic meat and milk. And lovely branded stuff for every day use, rather than as the occasional treat.

My love of tea is well knows, so on my virtual shopping list would be Twinings tea. I’m not even going to be picky and say organic tea. Because recently I was sent a couple of packets to try – their decaffeinated English Breakfast Tea, and their new Everyday Tea. They’re award winning (two stars from the Guild of Fine Foods, no less) and they really are rather delicious. They’d do me, as I sat and counted (and recounted, then called my accountant) my millions. Both are light, delicate and perfect for slurping throughout the day. In fact, the English Breakfast Tea completely won over a non-tea drinker – is there such a thing, in a nation which drinks 34 billion cups of tea each year, I hear you ask – and she even took a few teabags home with her. Never let it be said that I’m not a generous host.  I didn’t even serve it in the traditional way, with a full English breakfast.

And everyone knows that tea and cake go together like, well, tea and cake. I’d like to experiment more with the Everyday Tea. I’ve found a recipe for Tealoaf, a corking one for Bara Brith, and a rather interesting sounding Tea Jelly. But I suspect I may hit the bottom of the box before I get to trying any of these. It’s been specifically created to drink with milk, and such a nice cuppa it makes too.  In the interests of experimentation, I may create a white tea macroon. Purely because the concept sounds totally intriguing, and although a faff, really quite rewarding.  Now, if I won the lottery, I’d have bags of time on my hands to just drink tea, and create the perfect cake to go with it.

Excuse me whilst I dash off to check my numbers from the last couple of weeks.