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Check me out! I have a new toy. It’s gleaming and gorgeous, and I can’t stop stroking it.


I have dreams, my friends. Dreams of fluffy pancakes, perfectly risen cakes, bubbling bakes and perfect pavlovas.

Time will tell. We need to get to know each other. I have my fingers crossed that my new toy and I will get on well, and it will become a treasured member of the family. My old cooker, which I waved goodbye to with a tear in my eye, had done sterling service; it belonged to my mother before me, and we worked out at the weekend it was nearly 20 years old. But with the left oven turning itself off on Christmas Day last year, and the right oven only working if I held the seal shut with my knee, the time had come to move on and let it retire.

For those of you who want the technical details, it’s a Leisure Cuisine Master 100 – and I got it from B&Q who have been marvellous. Can’t fault them, service with a smile.

Sadly I won’t be cooking tonight. I’m going out for dinner, so Le Pomme has the honour of creating his supper on the brand new, unsullied and freshly-wired-in range cooker.

He better not break it…