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I am overcome with waffle lust.

That could be me, so it could. I have scatter cushions too.

It started with this post from the fabulous Eggton, and now I’m considering ridiculously priced waffle pans on Amazon.  I think I’d rather have a waffle iron to go on the hob than an electric version, based on my theory that it would be more fun to flip half-baked mixture everywhere rather than have a boring electric version.

I want to eat waffles drenched in treacle and with strawberries; with a scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of melted chocolate; or try making up some kind of savoury recipe.  Like waffle pizza. How cool would that be? With tomato sauce in each dip and indent, and slivers of pepperoni or mushroom.  Or crab and chorizo. Spinach, bacon and hollandaise.  Obviously I wouldn’t try all of these at the same time, for fear of waffle overload.

Yet my kitchen cupboards already contain more items than I reasonably have space for.

It would be ludicrous to give in, right? Even in the interest of culinary research. Or should I go for it? Just so I could make something like this:

Because of course mine would look like the above, and not the below. Honest.

I blame the Great British Bake Off. I bet Paul ‘Silver Fox’ Hollywood would say buy one. Mary Berry would tell me I needed nothing so avant-garde, and to focus on improving my pastry skills.  The divine Sue Perkins, bless her bouncy enthusiam, would be all perky about them, even when I dropped them on the floor. Mel Giedroyc would be more reserved but secretly on my side. But seeing as how I’m not baking in a tent surrounded by sheep, I’ll ask you, dear reader.

What say you? Should I take the waffle plunge, or would I be making a bad investment? I need a waffle expert to tell me if this is the best idea ever or whether I’ll be put off waffles and all things associated therein forever more.