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I am very full, and very happy.

Despite being in London for work not pleasure, I’ve managed to squeeze in a night out, some great food and a couple of awesome walks. Even 15 minutes of culture when I got lost looking for the British Museum gift shop and ended up in the Sutton Hoo exhibition, then took a wrong turn down the Egyptian gallery.

London in the sun is a wonderful place. All the Olympic and Paralympic banners were fluttering in the breeze, making me so envious of those who managed to visit during the past few weeks.

And best of all, Le Pomme was here with work too, meaning that in a rare moment of diary synchronicity we were away at the same time. So we stayed at the rather trendy Hoxton Hotel, which I’d never been to before but I’d love to go back to.

Last night we went out to play. We started with drinks and friends, and then some more drinks, then an awesomely amazing rack of ribs. I couldn’t take a photo for you as I hadn’t got my phone. Not because of drink, but because I went back to our room to leave it there (I thought this was rather clever at the time) just in case I lost it later. I surprise myself sometimes. Particularly as we were eating in the hotel.

The waiter clearly thought we were having an affair. When he realised we weren’t having an affair but were, shockingly, married to each other, his whole demeanor changed. Strangely, he seemed less than impressed. Weird.

I knew Le Pomme and I were too square for Hoxton.

Today I’ve walked all over town venue hunting and, best of all, I got to choose the lunch venue. I went for Polpo.

And how I was rewarded for my patience. I’ve only been wanting to I there for, like, forever. And their cookbook is on my Christmas list.

It was divine, and so much fun. I’m almost too full to type, so look! Feast your eyes:


Heaven on a plate


Melt in the mouth meatballs! And that truffle dressing…mmmm.


Marvellous seafood and perfect pea & Parma ham crostini:


We were so full, we had dessert. In for a penny, in for a pound.


This was almost too good to share


I need a lie down, and possibly to go on a diet.