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The Boo has learnt a new trick.

This is unusual. She is a creature of habit, much demanding of attention and affection. To date, her main trick has been to do roleys on every conceivable surface, panicking slightly when she falls off the edge.  She flirted mildly with playing fetch one summer, and is a dab hand at football if in the mood.  She sheds incredible amounts of fur in her wake, whatever she’s up to, and I’m convinced the reason she doesn’t like the hoover is because she’s got it in her little feline head that one day we’ll cut out the middleman and just vacuum her straight off.

It would save a lot of cleaning on Le Pomme’s part.

A couple of times recently I’ve wandered into our bedroom to find the bed curiously messed up. I’ve not really thought anything of it, other than I’d forgotten to make it ‘properly’. Seeing as how I’m not really a morning person, this is not entirely unfeasible. But then this morning I discovered that, for once, it’s not my sleep-crazed actions which are responsible.

For as I perched on the side of the bed, taming my mane into something resembling a hairdo rather than a hair-don’t, the Boo approached in a rather strange sidling manner. And then proceeded to climb up the base of the bed commando stylee, crawl under the duvet, and waltz around making tunnels and purring in glee. She’s still up there now, happy as a pig in clover.  The only thing she was missing was the camouflage and possibly, a two way radio to report back to base on the success of her mission.  The bed now looks like the Alps do from the air – all humps and hillocks and craggy edges where the cover has been shoved around by a questing feline paw.

I can see this may end in tears.

Because she’s not exactly a large cat. Unlike my behind, which is definitely not along Kate Moss proportions.  Combine that with my inability to see anything without my glasses on or contact lenses in, and you are almost guaranteed a Flat Boo at some point.

Anyone know how to get squashed tortoiseshell out of white bedding? Any hints and tips welcome, so I can be prepared in advance. 

In the meantime I’ll just sit on the floor. I know my place.