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It’s often pointed out to me that life is rather difficult being The Other Half.

I know, it’s hard being married to an individual who is all things to all … well, one man. A culinary genius, an interior designer, a baker of cakes and a mistress of the Lie In. And that’s just me.

He has to put up with a lot, not least being The Stooge on this blog. Apparently that’s what he is, although he had to explain it to me. He’s also endlessly supportive and simply brilliant. Plus, he looks fantastic in a flat cap.

He’d like me to point out he also carries ancient rusted cookers up the cellar steps, makes me tea every morning, and panders to The Boo’s every whim.

So I’m renaming him, Le Pomme. Mr Apple sounds too ordinary for a man who really is rather wonderful. And who also makes cracking fish pie. Plus, he’s got a whole French vibe going on, post-honeymoon.

Mais oui 🙂