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My, how time flies. This time last week we’d just landed at Manchester.

This time this week we’ve just finished a corking Chorizo and Asparagus risotto, made by my husband (I love saying that. My husband. Don’t worry, it’ll wear off).  I’ll post the recipe soon. Because it was goooood.

Our fabulous wedding photographer has sent me some sneaky peeks – but you know what? I’m going to make you wait. Because I can. And because I want to make sure I give you the details at the same time so you don’t all go ‘Oooh but what about the flowers?’ or ‘I can’t believe she didn’t show me the shoes. The shoes which didn’t fall off’. Okay? Good things come to those who wait.

Oh alright, I can’t help myself. Have one of the First Kiss to keep you going.