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Bonjour, mes amis!

Did you miss me? G’orn, admit it. You know you want to.

So far I have not managed to obtain a single photo of the two of us looking in the same direction or happy at the same time, so you’ll have to wait to see what a vision of beauty and grace I looked on 1st June.

It’ll be worth it, on my life and at least half a Mars bar. Excuse me a moment whilst I remove my tongue from my cheek, it’s a bit firmly lodged in there.

Believe me when I say my new husband looked smashingly gorgeous, so much so I may buy him a morning suit for Christmas, and force him to wear it on Sundays, high days and holidays.

I promise promise to tell you all about it. I kind of need it all to go through my head first, none of it seems real, and halfway through our honeymoon I panicked that no one had enjoyed it. I’ll wait til we’ve got some corking pics, so in the meantime be content with the knowledge that I didn’t fall out of my shoes. Not once. Even though I shook all the way through the ceremony. I did nearly break the vicar’s hand, because I was squeezing it so hard, and he thought my friends were the choir, but once we’d got through that all went well.

I can’t honestly tell you how it felt to be taking our vows, it was as if the two of us were in this little bubble and we were the only ones there. The prayers at the end, with the two of us right up at the altar, again felt very private and emotional. Although the 110 family and friends were definitely there, it was as if those moments were just for the two of us.

However I was desperate to blow my nose after all that head bowing, so I possibly wasn’t as holy of mind as I should have been.

The reception rocked, if I do say so myself. I hid a small child under my skirt, and no one fell in the pond. And the speeches were cracking. We even managed our first dance without falling over. The poms were AWESOME, and have all gone off to have a holiday in Devon prior to being reincarnated at a cousin’s 21st party.

We danced the night away. I drank more water than wine, and didn’t cry until I was dancing with my dad. It didn’t rain once, and we ended the night with a G&T in the courtyard, by candlelight.

Then we went to the south of France to be womantic.

Where, with an excellent start to married life, I promptly lost my voice for 3 days.

I think my new husband thought it was a miracle.