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Ding, ding, the one aged bell of the church is gonna chime…

I can’t wait now.

My family is here, the rehearsal had true comedy value, my friends are en route, and yesterday the Pom Squad put up over 50 of the tissue paper wonders in the marquee. That ladder was tall.

With less than 10 poms to go, the rest of the Pom Squad had to head off. The Other Half and I did them by ourselves, getting it just right. The venue was empty apart from the sound of my ladder creaking and him muttering as the transparent fishing line refused to feed through the tiny wire for the umpteenth time.

Then we danced our first dance together on the freshly laid dance floor, all alone except for the beats we were counting and the poms dancing in the air above us.


It was magical.

I hope tomorrow is as wonderful as that one moment. Thank you all for your support and kind words over the last few weeks, it really has helped. And yes, I promise to post pictures – post honeymoon!

A bientot, mes amis.