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I am uninspired, last night I underslept, I’m the opposite of underfed and I’m definitely underwhelmed with this eternal train journey.

I am Un.

Happiness will prevail once I am home, had a cuddle with The Boo, and done a spot of fridge diving for supper. Only a light catch needed tonight, due to over enthusiastic consumption of a rather delicious chickpea, hummus and sun blush tomato wrap at lunchtime.

Then I will be in a state of Over. Overwhelmingly relieved to be at home, overly excited at the prospect of a quiet evening and quite possibly completely overtired.

I have been in London for a couple of days and it has been fun. Hard work, but fun. I had my corporate hat on and a pair of painful shoes. They weren’t painful when I put them on, in the way of most shoes. They looked so promising as well. Instead their card is marked and their ranking has risen in the Shoes of Pain scale.

So I will go home, find my Blue Blancmanges, cuddle my cat and marvel about how I used to keep up with life When I Was Young.

And then I’ll remember that I’m not eleventyfivehundred years old, put on an episode of Glee, and end up dancing round the living room like a loon.

There’s life in the old girl yet. I’ll draw the line at climbing on the table to boogie, but I’ll definitely embarrass The Boo with some dodgy dancing and awful singing.

She’ll be overcome. And no more will I be in a state of Un.