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I would have blogged earlier, but frankly I was too tired to operate my fingers in a coordinated enough fashion. I barely managed to pour myself a hair of the dog and string a sentence together. Writing it was beyond me.

And it still is, if I’m honest with both you and me.

I am so flipping lucky to have my friends. And one extremely fabulous Matron of Honour, who excelled herself and went above and beyond.

Shropshire. A working farm. Cheese. Surprise guests from the Continent. Champagne. Hot chocolate fudge cake. Orienteering. Cream tea. An assault course. Bacon sandwiches and a tour of the farm. A dinner to die for. My best friends.

We had a marvellously wonderful weekend. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. I cannot believe the surprises planned and secrets kept, the creatively brilliant activities and finishing touches which just made it all perfectly fabulously awesome.

And the cupcakes! I need to tell you about the cupcakes. And the farm. I cuddled a lamb and everything (I would have cuddled the rather hunky farmer if he’d talked any longer in his Shropshire burr. Crikey).

But for now I just need to have a little moment, look at the photos and thank my lucky stars that I am so fortunate to have spent the weekend with a group of extremely spectacularly marvellous ladies.

I’m truly blessed.

And need to go on a rather severe diet.