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Courtesy of my Sunday school background, I have always eaten fish on Good Friday. Sadly, I can’t remember the reason why. Was it loaves and fishes, or a nod to the Last Supper – any enlightenment gratefully received.

Well, whatever the reason, Easter is once again nearly upon us. I could have gotten really complicated, but frankly, sea bass is all the better for being left alone. It’s the Greta Garbo of the fish world.

First, catch your sea bass. I like to do this by casting a line in Morrisons. They do fabulous sea bass and salmon. Then, make sure the man in the white coat takes all the yucky bits off for you. I can’t abide it when my meal looks at me.

If you remember, ask him to trim the fins as well. If you forget, do it at home, muttering under your breath about prehistoric throwbacks and why you are totally revolted by the whole process. I could explain it but I’d make a mess of it. I couldn’t stop to take a picture for you, so I am safer recommending Rick Stein’s method. When you’ve stopped washing your hands as repeatedly as Lady MacBeth, add butter and seasoning.


Pop under the grill for 10 minutes, turn over, another 5 and they should be perfect, with the flesh turned white.

I served tonight’s fish with roast root vegetables, cut in interesting chip like stylee because I was TRAUMATISED by the anticipation of fish surgery. Bit of oil, shaking of paprika, in the oven, turn after 40 mins.


These take an hour, just check they’re done by using a knife to see if it runs through.


Job jobbed.

Happy Easter folks!