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It’s only 9½ weeks until I walk down the aisle! 

Quite apart from the fact that I’m marrying a wonderful man I adore and can’t stop laughing with, it’s going to be a day all about love.  Cliched, but true.  It’s going to be a gathering of some very special people, and the reality of having 95% of the people I care about in the world in one room kind of blows my mind.  It’s only just dawned on me and I’m excited and nervous and all anticipatory.

Desperate cry for photographer help :  wedding photography O.3180

In my head it’s going to be a bit like those Estee Lauder adverts, possibly with a couple of puppies frolicking in a patch of sunlight, and small children laughing on a swing which just happens to be attached to the nearest tree.  I’ll look just like this lady, although I’ll have to change my dress, flowers, hair and have a nose job to come anywhere near.  I also need to change my flower girl for a flower boy, and the venue.  It’s a bit much to achieve before the day, to be honest, but I’ve not been a bridezilla yet, so perhaps this is my moment? (Just in case you’re reading this honey, that’s a joke, I promise).

The reality is a tiny village church, with nary a swing in sight, for which I am secretly grateful.  There are also no puppies on the guest list, last I checked.  It’ll be all countrified and gorgeous.  Friends and family are helping with the decoration and we’ve done all our own stationary.  My mum’s baked the cake, my lovely mother-in-law-to-be has been a wonderful flower consultant.  Both mothers have been fantastic and will look fabulous. I adore my dress, and know that I’m very lucky to have managed to get just what I wanted.  My bridesmaids have been brilliant, and I’m awaiting my hen do with much excitement.

As the day draws nearer, I worry I’ll cry on the day. Or my shoes will fall off.  But you know what? It’s moments like that which make weddings special, and individual.

At the end of the day, as long as the Other Half is at the end of the aisle, and the vicar is there, nothing else matters.  That’s something I’m going to try really hard to remember over the next couple of months.  1st June marks the start of our marriage – not just our wedding day. 

I can’t wait.