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What to do with an artichokeAren’t they lovely? Don’t they fill you with anticipation of …erm… creamy root vegetableness? Are you thrilling to your very core, trembling with a desire to reach through your interweb portal, grab them, and run off to create a gorgeous dish of… something?

There’s just one problem. I need to confess.

I don’t know what to do with an artichoke. For apparently that’s what they are.  

Clearly, I have much to learn.  I feel very ignorant, and I’ve learnt something today from an 8 year old, who grew these in the garden (his garden, not mine, AND his tomatoes were better than mine last summer. Meh).

He asked what I thought they were, and was allowed five guesses. For comedy value, seeing as how it gave him a good laugh, here were my answers:

  1. Root ginger
  2. A new variety of potato
  3. Dead witches fingers
  4. Warped parsnips
  5. Deflated rugby balls

After he’d finished howling with laughter, he got me to help with his maths homework and then asked if I was a proper cooker.

I had to say no, as I didn’t know what to do with these miracle vegetables.

I have obviously disappointed him. So I thought I’d ask you what to do with them. Then I can show him, via the genius of the World Wide Wobble, how they turned out. And be his cooker hero again.

What would you do with 5 And A Half knobbly artichokes?