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Spring has sprung, the grass has riz,
I wonder where the birdie is?*

It’s the first day of spring today. Officially known as the vernal equinox.  (Isn’t Google marvellous? There I was thinking ‘there’s got to be a proper name for that’ and PING! Honestly, it’s like I never went to school).  Here’s the science bit:

Illustration image

For some reason, possibly a placebo effect brought about by too much tea and joy at wearing a cotton jumper not wool, today it suddenly feels warmer and the air fresher. I also had my first morning sneezing session of the year (my record is 14 in a row, and yes, it hurt) so the hayfever season is on its way.  The mere glimpse of being able to enjoy drinks in the garden and breakfast on the patio makes everything seem nicer, so long as I’m antihistamined up.  

I can actually see the point in replanting my pots, mainly because in the bright sunlight they are definitely lowering the tone of the neighbourhood with their general deadness.  This year I have decided on bright cheerful colours.  I’ve had enough of being tasteful.  Bring on the brights! I’m feeling geraniumish, in whites and pinks. I’ll no doubt change my mind at the garden centre, and the Other Half will spend half an hour trundling back and forth with a trolley which has to be held exactly parallel to the ground or it stops without warning, thereby taking all the skin off his shins and causing my plant selection to fall over.  He’ll get increasingly irritated, as I mix and match, changing my mind every 5 minutes. Honestly, the man’s a saint. 

Having said that, he has put a request in that we buy some spiky plants to stop The Boo using the tall plant pots nearest the house as her Summer Residence.  Last summer she used these as part of her plan to Take Over The World by lording it over the local feline population from the middle of a fuchsia bush, occasionally stirring herself to bat away an irritating leaf with a fat furry paw.  Sadly, Operation ‘Take Over The World 2011’ didn’t quite go to plan, due to the unforeseen requirement to do a lot of Sleeping and Roleying and watching Hedge TV.  This year’s campaign may involve assaults from the apple tree, as there seems to have been a lot of tree climbing practice of late. Possibly inspired by the Olympics, I’m sure she’s got an eye on next door’s trellis as a launchpad for ambushes on unsuspecting passersby.  TOTW2012 could get embarrassing.  

Of course, life is all about balance.  As in day and night, ying and yang, Bill and Ben, it is the first day of autumn in the southern hemisphere.  I quite fancy kicking some leaves and jumping in puddles, but will have to wait…oooh, a whole six months to do it. Shame.

*Right outside my bedroom window, singing away at 4am, in case you were wondering.