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You may have read on here that Sunday is a special day in the ApplePie household for two reasons. Both of which require presents.  And cards. One birthday, one mother’s day.

The purchasing of said presents proved to be harder than it used to be.  And I say that as someone who loves buying presents.  My parents are fond of saying they don’t need anything. Which makes it extremely difficult to buy them presents, although I’m sure it’s not said for that reason. We all know that however much one may protest that presents simply aren’t necessary, it would be dismal indeed if our nearest and dearest did not receive even a token gesture of acknowledgement and appreciation depending upon the occasion.  I’m ignoring, by the way, the fact that I think the best way for appreciation to be shown is by little acts of thoughtfulness and love throughout the year, and not be limited to a single day.   There was much airing of ideas, consulting the cat, and Googling, before I found the perfect presents.

Today, a pair of deliciously gorgeous and beautiful little objets d′art dropped through the letter box. I am very very happy with my purchases from Milly&Pip – they’re simply wonderful.  I can’t tell you what they are (hello, Mum!) but I can tell you the selection was not achieved without real effort, much headscratching, humming and hawing.  Mainly because what Milly&Pip make is so pretty I had to resist ordering several presents for myself.  Oh, and I promise to put up a linky after the present opening has taken place, just in case anyone else has a present dilemma.  It’ll be too late for Mother’s Day this year, but hey, only another 367 days to go until the next one. Buy one and put it in your Present Drawer. You all have a Present Drawer, right?

Having sorted my own cards and presents out, a desperate plea for assistance from the other side of the globe landed in my inbox last night.  So then I needed to sort a birthday present for Dad from my brother, which requires even more thought to apply the rationale of a lanky, sports mad, forgetful but adorable sibling to present buying.  I’m afraid I copped out, and went for the easy option.

I am currently considering how best to wrap a bottle of Gordon’s Gin, a bottle of tonic (slimline, natch) and A Single Lime.  That’s creative sibling thinking, no?  I drew the line at buying ice.  I thought that was a step too far.  I didn’t think the sellotape would stick to it, for a start.  

Roll on Sunday. And present opening.