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I have a dilemma of the foodie variety.  Help me out here.  

On Sunday it is not only Mother’s Day but also my Father’s birthday.  So it needs to be doubly lovely.  (I don’t know why I put Father there, except that Pa or Dad looked wrong. I don’t actually call him Father, honest).

We have an extremely nice day out planned. Fingers crossed the sun shines so we can enjoy it to the full.  And then they are coming back to Dibley Towers for a delicious spread.  But of what? I am struck with indecisiveness.

I made Pork in Cider with Lentils for dinner at theirs last week. Beef Bourguignon the time before. They love my Venison with Pomegranate but that’s more of a winter dish.  Nigella’s Meatloaf was a smash hit, Delia’s Chicken Paprika is well loved, Jamie’s Turkey en Croute went down well at Christmas. James Martin’s Crab Linguini and Nigel Slater’s Fish Pie have also resulted in requests for seconds and clean plates.  I’m toying with the idea of a treacle tart for dessert, with custard.  But then, my pastry problem rears its head.

The one thing I have sorted is the cheese course: paper Byfords bags of Bingham Blue and Wells Alpine already reside in the fridge, just waiting to be paired with some crunchy grapes and crispy biscuits.

I do know that what my parents will like above all is the effort and the time we’ll spend together.  I’ve not completely lost the plot.  The table will be nicely set, and I’ll even iron the tablecloth.  If there’s time, The Boo will suffer the indignity of being brushed and the scatter cushions will be plumped.  

Even so, I want to make something special and scrumptious.  Preferably in advance to allow maximum time for a competitive board game which will remind us why we don’t play them very often.

What would you cook if you were me?