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If we really are what we eat, then right now I’m 95% Norfolkian. Is Norfolkian even a word, by the way? Please advise. (The other available 5% is in the fridge in three Byfords bags, awaiting consumption).

This weekend has been a positive cornucopia of wonderful food, country and coast, farm shops, sunshine and giggles. We’ve celebrated the end of Pie Week with a fabulous Fish Pie and a stonkingly puffy Steak & Kidney Pie apiece. We’ve had tea and toasted elevenses at Byfords, perused and purchased local produce. Wandered near windmills and cheered at steam trains. We topped it all off with the most amazingly fantastic afternoon tea at the beautiful Morston Hall.


I was so excited I almost forgot to take a picture for posterity. It would have been a shame, as I’m sure there will be times ahead when I need to gaze at this photo for affirmation that Life Can Be Wonderful. And that there is such a thing as unlimited tea.

I’ve even prepared for future food wrangling by topping up my free range cutlery at Bakers & Larners.

This morning we attempted to walk away some of the calories with a wander along the beach. It was a futile mission, really, but it restored my faith in the power of the spring sunshine.

Next weekend I will redress the balance by heading to the Yorkshire Dales and drinking in the best views Wharfdale has to offer. Being halfway up a hill will fulfill my senses just as much as this weekend has, but in a different way.

I truly feel blessed to be able to trot out to our beautiful countryside with people I love, and enjoy the fresh smell of spring sunshine whether it rolls off the sea or down the dale.

And then have a slice of something utterly delicious and guaranteed practically calorie free.

The wedding diet is not going too well. I can’t imagine why.