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Yesterday I spent two whole hours eating cake and drinking tea with my oldest friend. I’ve known her all my life and drinking tea is just Something We Do. And we talk. A lot.


After we’d finished talking both hind legs off the proverbial donkey, we went off for a rootle around. For we were at no ordinary tea shop, but Aberford Interiors, a place of sprawling delights and seemingly endless showrooms. Everything is jumbled and beautifully displayed, you can buy luggage tags for £3 or a kitchen for £20,000. Soap from France, hand blocked wallpaper or birthday cards. It’s a wonderful Aladdin’s cave of treasure.

I only just resisted buying some beautifully presented cutlery, a door stop and some fabulously patterned oilcloth. To celebrate my restraint, I purchased two beautiful garden chair cushions. Oops.

Summer is nearly here. I’m ignoring this morning’s snow sprinkling and contemplating getting the garden furniture out of hibernation just to see what they look like in situ.

Perhaps I’ll have a cup of tea first. I think there’s some left in the pot. And I don’t want to get snow on my lovely new cushions, after all.