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There was a young man named Perkins
Who was specially fond of small gherkins
One fine day at tea he ate forty-three
Which pickled his internal workin’s

Irena Chalmers wrote the above in 1994. You may never have heard of her, but she is a redoubtable force in the world of food writing.  She’s an inspiration with many achievements to her name.  She has a marvellous blog infused with her personality and passion for all things food related.

Today, she has made me ponder the fact that truffles have sex. It must be true, it was in the New York Times and the French discovered it. Mais oui!

I’m faintly disturbed by this. I’m not sure why. It’s made me try to think of other random foodie facts.  Except now, of course, I can’t. I’m too busy thinking about truffle loving.

Help me out – what else did I never know I needed to know about food?