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I must be feeling better. I have rediscovered Amazon.  I’m tamping down my sudden urge to reread all the Chalet School books (what’s that about? I wanted for years to go there but my parents resisted my pleading and instead spent a lot of time convincing me It Wasn’t Real. Whatever) and instead I have treated myself to a book.

And not just any book. I’ve taken the plunge and pressed that little yellow button to purchase Helene Dujardin’s Plate to Pixel.

Plate to PixelHelene is a genius and an inspiration and I hope that a little part of her magic seeps through the pages and into the creative part of my noggin.  If you haven’t discovered her work, go and gaze in amazement at her blog. Plus, she has a very cool surname which I’m slightly jealous of.  I want to go to one of her classes and watch her in action, but I fear I must save that (and save for it!) another year.

There are many many other books I would like to have purchased today.  Sadly, my bank manager would not be of a sympathetic frame of mind if I pleaded penury on account of Amazon addiction. I feel it may be time to start checking out the local charity shops again.  I had to give up doing this after I realized that I’d bought loads of books locally, donated them back after reading, and then rebought them thinking ‘ooh, that sounds interesting’.  

I once thought my best charity shop book bargain was a set of 3 Georgette Heyers. But then I casually asked whilst paying for them if they had any more.  It turned out they had nearly the entire series.  I was laden with books.  Overcome with Heyer happiness, we had a ridiculous charade over a £20 note. I insisted they took it, the lovely ladies behind the counter asserted that an ‘every book for 25p and if you buy two you get 1 free’ offer applied, I insisted they took it, they claimed I only owed them about £4.50 for this cornucopia of finely written Regency literature, which I felt was worth much more. I won in the end, but only because I was faster than them on getting to the spare collection tin in the window.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear a rumour you can get Chalet School books on Kindle now.  It’s probably best I check it out. Only to be able to report back, you understand.