Today has turned into a bit of a nightmare, frankly. 

I’m running around like crazy, taking my metaphorical hats on and off in such swift rotation my head is starting to spin like that girl from the Exorcist (was it the Exorcist? I hid behind the sofa for most of it, so I can’t be sure).   I’m juggling away, ignoring the fact that I have a headache, earache, and the beginnings of an itchy nose cold. The Other Half is coping with burst pipes and water, water everywhere.  If it gets any worse The Boo will need to be wrestled into a lifejacket.  We’re away this weekend, I haven’t packed and the car needs filling up. I’m overdue on some emails and post, I can’t decide on the wedding readings and we still can’t find a band.  I’m being eaten away by modern day angst, the feeling that I’m not doing anything well. 

The ear bean my acupuncture lady put in the other day is having a lot of use.  This means my ear now hurts on the outside as well as the inside, and no I don’t feel noticeably calmer, I just want to go to sleep.

On the plus side, as I ran before work this morning, I can now eat an Aero without guilt. 

Every cloud has a minty green bubbled lining.