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I’m falling in love with Radio Four.

I adored Desert Island Discs, Just a Minute! cracks me up, and If I’m not careful may become addicted to The Archers.

I nearly cried during yesterday’s edition of Desert Island Discs with the lovely James Corden. He was searingly honest.  And Kirsty was so gentle with him. One of the phrases he used which stuck in my mind is that he ‘used to go out to find someone to stay in with’. That made me melt a little.  It’s so true.

If you weren’t tuned in, I urge you to head to iPlayer and click on Listen again.  Look, I’ll make it really easy for you. Right HERE.

What would your desert island choices be?

Desert Island, tropical paradise

I need a holiday. Really. I'm practically licking the screen looking at this.

It’s so hard to choose. Not least because I can never remember who sang what, or what the songs are called.  I have a shifting list, but it essentially goes something like this:

Vivaldi – Four Seasons. Yes, all of them.

Gloria Gaynor – I am what I am

Will Young – Leave Right Now

Dusty Springfield – Wishing and Hoping

Cara Emerald – A Night Like This

Amazing Grace – Brenda Lee

Edith Piaf – Je Ne Regrette Rien

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

Tomorrow, it’ll be different. Such is the joy of musical amnesia.