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There’s nothing I like more than seeing the people I love.

This weekend I was fortunate enough to spend time with not only immediate family, but with the addition of three very special folk who I wish I could see more of, as not only do I love them muchly, but I also like their company a great deal.  The Other Half and I hosted two dinner parties, and I promise the recipes for beef stroganoff, and pork with cider, mustard and lentils will follow. 

But I am feeling a little Monday morningish, so you’ll have to do with my poached plum recipes for now.

I was feeling creative, so I made two different types of poached plums and served them with natural yogurt and honey.

Golden plum, poach plum, mulled wine

Golden plums with honey and black pepper; Red plums in mulled wine


  • Two punnets of plums
  • Left over Christmas mulled wine
  • Two teaspoons honey
  • Black pepper
  • Cold water


Both recipes start with wiping and destoning the plums.  Cut them in half, twist, and then carefully remove the stone.  Keeping the two plum types separate, lay them in two frying pans. Into the red pan pour a good glug of mulled wine, enough to come two thirds of the way up the plums.  (If you don’t have mulled wine, use red and add some cloves, cinnamon and sugar).  Into the golden pan, add two teaspoons of honey, a twist of black pepper, and enough cold water to come two thirds of the way up the plums.

Bring both pans to a simmer, and give the plums ten minutes or so to soften and poach. Turn them over halfway through.  Don’t worry if the skins split!

Once soft, remove from the pan and place in two dishes.  Reduce the remaining liquid by half, then pour it over the respective plums.  Add two twists of black pepper to the golden plums.

Serve hot or cold – if you wanted to get fancy, you could place alternate rows of plums on puff pastry to make a very pretty tart!


PS I used Italian honey, but the taste would be very different if you used different types – find one you like a give it a go!