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Yesterday was one of those days where everything just worked, as it should, in my little world.  I was in my happy place and all was well.

And then it got even better.

The deliciously talented Caroline over at Rubies and Tigers gave me a present. Like a virtual hug, only better.  If you’ve not read her blog before, I urge you to click on the little magic linky here and discover a world of quilting, sewing and BBQ’ing in the snow.   Her crafty genius is inspirational, her writing original and fun.

And what’s better than a virtual hug? An award, my friends!  Look, I get a lovely picture and everything:

Liebster Blog Award

She nominated me for a Liebster award. For being ‘choc full of amazing recipes interspersed with brilliantly funny musings on life’.  Thank you, I’m honoured and it’s much appreciated.

Caroline also nominated some other lovely blogs, some of which I knew and others I hadn’t come across before, as this award is for smaller blogs with 200 followers or less who are gaining popularity.  I got ridiculously overexcited, and I think I love her a little bit. I may have to bake her a cake. The diet is not going well though, so I would probably eat it before I sent it, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

But before I get out the mixing bowl, I need to follow the rules, and nominate 5 others who are also deserving of recognition.  Choosing these is like asking me to decide on my favourite letter of the alphabet – and seeing as how I have no idea of their readership stats, I may break the rules.  But I love these blogs, so I hope you will too.

Grace Under Pressure: Sophie writes beautifully about supporting her beautiful daughter Grace. Keep on running, you can do it, Soph!

From the Kitchen Sink: when I read Jo’s blog it’s like a friend putting the kettle on and offering me a biscuit before settling down for a darn good chat

Bon Apple Tart: Fabulous healthy food inspiration which, if I’m not careful, may result in vegetables being sown in my borders.

Crumbs: sisterly food exploits with delicious and easy recipes served with a side of humour and gentle banter.

Letters to Nigel Slater: I love this blog. Martha brings me joy in every post.

Happy reading, my virtual friends