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How does it happen? I do exactly the same route, at the same time. Listening to the same length of C25K podcast and still pushing it.

That's still me on the right. Being pushed along by the giant arrow.

But I end up finishing the half hour when I’m still 7 minutes walk from home.

Am I running slower than I walk? Or running backwards?  Will I get to week 9 and do a complete circuit in reverse?

I’m confused.

But one thing which is becoming apparent is that there is a whole new world out there in the rural village at 7am.  One which I never normally see.  Yes, I’m still running in the dark so no one can see me… I made the mistake of going out in the daytime at the weekend. Small children pointed and laughed. Animals ran away in fear. The cover of darkness is my friend. Of course, I am aware that come summer I’ll be running at 3am, but you can’t have everything.  Fitness, or sleep? It’s like Cake, or Death.

There are dog walkers, other runners who are much faster and look scarily professional, and one lady with two white bags who seems to walk the same route as me, but the other way around. I see her every time I go out, and offer a cheerily panted hello, or good morning.

She never replies. To begin with I thought it was that I was so out of breath I was unintelligible. Or couldn’t hear me, so I made sure I met her eye when speaking.  But this morning I encountered her on whilst on a walking section of the podcast, so I’m quite sure I spoke clearly and she could hear me.

And then I realized, she’s the lady from the Post Office.

I’m going to have to change my route. Or stop sending mail.