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Carrying on with today’s theme, I thought I would share some of the comments which have been filtered through to the junk section of the comment moderation. (I really hope they are indeed junk and I’m not offending anyone, apologies if both I and the spam filter have failed in our task).

Obviously, or hopefully, these are computer generated and, as a result, are fantastically convoluted and provide me with a great deal of entertainment. And I do read all of the comments, however they end up coming in my direction.  I do appreciate people taking time to comment and let me know what they think, whatever their view.

Often posted against posts which are completely unrelated to their subject matter, this only adds to the bonkersness which is the internet:

‘You won’t have to walk miles after miles just to look for a slot machine that you would like because you could access any slot game with a touch of a button’ – On Pesto and Post Offices

‘Treatment method of the difficulty with is quite valuable in a variety of respects as it is natural Provillustreatment method, so it constantly totally free from any kind of facet results’ -Submitted to Why don’t hyacinths stand up straight, this is a long post all about hair treatment. For men.

‘Any chemical you put on your pores and skin can enter into your physique which is frequently the cause at the rear of several of these reactions’ -On When is a bargain not a bargain

‘Machine washable bra that you can dry without breathing’ -Submitted to my About Me page

And my personal favourite:

‘Hrm, Not the best post unfortunately. Sorry to be so blunt! You should try some Norwegian carrot cake [link I dare not click on] to cheer you up instead’ – on Why don’t hyacinths stand up straight

Actually, I’m not sure that one is spam…