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When you put it on and everyone tells you your skirt is inside out.

It’s not, it’s a design statement

Either that, or the store figured out they’d been put together incorrectly and decided to flog them off cheaply.

I checked by taking it off in the middle of the kitchen, turning it round, then realising the seams were on the outside, to much mirth.  See what you think here (let me know what you think of the skirt I mean, it’s not a picture of me in it).

I’m not really into sales shopping. It requires far too much effort. And frankly, these days, sales seem to be on everywhere, permanently. I’ve never quite figured out why people queue up on Boxing Day to be the first ones to buy a Next suit at 5am. 

But then, I’ve never really been a big shopper. The Other Half would probably dispute this, but I’m much happier in a kitchen shop than I am in a clothes shop.  This year in the sales I bought the aforementioned skirt and 7 pieces of cutlery. Oh, and I just spotted a ‘Boots now £20’ sign on my way home so popped into a lovely local shop and got a pair – but they don’t count. At least they go with stuff. And it was dark, no-one saw me.

I guess the cutlery is the right way out.  Oh, and I checked – it definitely didn’t have ‘free range’ on the box. I’ll be amazed if any of it lasts the year before making a bid for freedom though.