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We’re into 2012! The year of my wedding, the Olympics, the Paralympics, Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s divorce, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and who knows what else yet to come.

Seeing in the new year in Hampshire was great fun. Old friends and new gathered round the table to eat, drink, make merry and generally celebrate.  Resolutions were made, and some almost instantly broken.  Others will last a little longer.  Or maybe they’ll just take a bit more time to get going! 

We’re now back from our tour, the Christmas tree has gone t’tip, the cat is amazingly still talking to me, and I’m worried the roof is going to come off in this general deluge.   We’ve even eaten the Mulled Wine Chilli from the freezer which I had been saving for an emergency (first tip of the year: if you happen to have some left over mulled wine, just drink it, not cook with it!).  

I’m also concerned I’m going to turn into a piece of cheese.  We seem to have consumed more cheese, chutney and crackers than are available on a generic supermarket shelf. I can practically hear my arteries clanging shut and the mouse population declining. Camembert, Brie, Yorkshire Blue, Cheddar, Stilton – and lots of lovely Norfolk cheeses – I even polished off the Wensleydale for lunch with a spot of Unidentifiable Green Soup yesterday.

So I’m turning over a new leaf.  Today I have stocked up on lovely vegetables and fruit, resolved to make more soup, checked out the prices at the pool and even figured out where I’ve hidden my trainers.

Before the leaf fully turns though, there’s some left over goodies which require some attention.  After all, food is expensive and I’m not keen on wasting it.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange counts as one of your five a day, right?