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At the weekend I went to a Christmas fair at one of the local statelies. Perhaps I should say ‘Fayre’.

No sign of a recession in there, I tell you. People were falling over themselves to buy silver marmite lids, hand-painted scarves, cheese and multiway folding tops that are only ever worn one way once you’ve figured out how to unwrap yourself without causing injury.  I nearly had my chair whipped away from underneath me mid-cuppa when we stopped for a breather. Oh, and Major Charles Ingram (he of Who Wants to be a Millionaire coughing affair) was selling the aforementioned scarves.  Sharpened elbows were definitely required, along with stamina and determination to not lose your shopping buddies.

There were some gems in there though. Delicious food goodies, some lovely lanterns, soft as butter cashmere tops, and if you wanted to buy wedding presents you could have filled a hamper ten times over with beautifully painted pottery and plates.

I was terribly restrained though. I treated myself to just one item. Oh, and the happiness which is resulting from it just goes to show that sometimes it does you good to spoil yourself.  After all, I’d finished everyone else’s present shopping. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I am totally in love with my new loungewear item. There’s a word I never thought I’d type.

My new Cornell pajama / trousers to ‘lounge in’ are divine.  The lovely lady at Blue Blancmange was right – they are long enough for me. I’m tempted to rush back and order another couple of pairs.  I adore them. Perfect for when you’re chilling out at home and want an alternative to jeans, they’re smarter than trackie bums and warmer than leggings.  One of the biggest problems I have with being so tall is that my back ends up being cold. My mother spent half my youth tugging up my trousers and pulling down my tops – in the days before hipstery fashion was cool, she worried about my kidneys getting cold.  But my Cornells are nice and deep; days of working at home without being wrapped up are now possible.

Plus, they make me feel young and cool.  Which is always a good thing.

And to get a pair of these snuggly lovelies, you don’t need to sharpen your elbows and plunge through a crowd as they’ve just started online ordering through their site at www.blueblancmange.co.uk

Only one issue concerns me. Does having lounge pants now mean I have a lounge not a sitting room or a living room?