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I really really need someone to give me a new song. I’ve got the moooves like Jagger, I’ve got the mooooooooves like Jagger…it’s been stuck in my head for days. It seems like every time I turn the radio on, there it is. And I listen to a fair amount of Radio Two, and I can’t imagine it features highly on their playlist.

Even The Military Wives Choir daily play on Chris Evans’s show as I drove to work hasn’t shifted the Maroon 5 popstrels from my own perennial one track loop.  Although it did raise a tear or three, and a resolve to pre-order as apparently you can do that from Monday.

Someone once told me you can get rid of any song by singing Happy Birthday. Not this song.

Any other suggestions very welcome. I’ve tried dancing round the kitchen to everything from Will Young to Abba to Cheryl Cole.  I’ve listened to hymn after hymn to start the hunt for the right music for our wedding.  During a brief flirtation with the idea of baking Welsh Cakes at some point I put on ‘Land of my Fathers’.  I’ve even begun random YouTubing in an attempt to find something catchier than Mick Jagger’s mooooves, which frankly I no longer want to think about.

I wonder what he thinks of the song, written as a tribute to him.  According to internet reports he kept telling them to take shots of him out of the video, and it wasn’t a surprise.  I wonder did he mean it was a surprise that someone wanted to write a song about him, or that he knew all about it from the start? I hope it’s both, actually. It would be a pretty sad state of affairs if (even if you were a world-famous rock star) you expect people to write tributes to you.   I wonder what my song would be about, should anyone ever bother to pen a lyric or two. I’m not sure a song about home baking would be a hit. I may be wrong though and there’s a whole genre of tunes on YouTube devoted to musical cakes and biscuits.  

“And it goes like this… oooooo oooooooo ooooooo <repeat to fade>”