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I’ve got a new quest. I’ve been doing some recipe reading to try and decide what to bake for the weekend, decided to produce a parkin, and have been told parkin boxes exist! I’m very excited by this and need to start a hunt.  A quick Google search reveals most links go to parking, so I guess Google doesn’t actually know everything, it just seems that way.


Parkin is the northern version of gingerbread. It’s sticky and chewy and utterly moreish.  And therein lies the problem.  The longer you keep it, the better it is – but it’s almost impossible to resist. According to local lore, you kept it in a wooden parkin box for a week to mature before eating. A cake tin doesn’t have quite the same allure, sadly. I wish Tate & Lyle made a tin to match their gloriously retro syrup tins.



I couldn’t lay my hands on the recipe I wanted (my grandmother’s) so instead opted to try this Delia Smith recipe.  Delia is, to me, all that is warm and comforting in the kitchen. The lady knows her onions.


Traditional Oatmeal Parkin

 And she didn’t let me down. It might look like an ordinary cake, but it smells delicious. It remains to be seen whether I can keep it safe from harm until the weekend is here!