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Striking out into the world of blogging feels almost as terrifying as heading out into the world of business on my own! I’ve decided to give it a go because, well, I can. And why not? The blogging revolution (I have to say I don’t quite feel ready for Twittering or Tweeting just yet) may well be old hat to those who were early adopters of new technologies, but for those tenatively forging into the world of social media for the first time on a personal level rather than professionally, this feels rather liberating and experimental!

So why ‘ApplePiewithWensleydale’? Well, as a good Yorkshire girl, it’s the way I’ve been brought up eating apple pie. It’s delicious. If you don’t believe me, try it…the cold crumbly cheese, the meltingly sweet apple with the bite of pastry behind it. Perfection on a plate.

And the striking out on my own part? After a decade in the corporate world I have set up my own company, supporting independent food specialists with marketing and PR. I’m combining my personal interest in food with my professional career, testing the waters of sailing my own ship. It’s rather strange after ten years to not go to the office every day (I have a part time corporate role; after all, the cat needs feeding and those shoes don’t buy themselves) but I am really enjoying the challenge and feel revitalised. Refreshed, too. It’s exciting to be excited about working for myself. It’s something I never thought possible, which to me just goes to show that dreams can come true.

What will I be blogging about? Setting up a small business, the importance of good food and the slow progress of recipe development. Why food photography isn’t as easy as it looks. Whether you really can ‘have it all’ (and plan a wedding at the same time!). Who knows? Possibly the demise of the fairy cake or what to do with the last of this season’s tomatoes and apples. Unusually for me, I’m jumping in feet first without a real plan. This blog is for me, not for a client or my company. I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me. But that’s what social media is all about, being spontaneous… isn’t it?!